• Standard VM backups, snapshot backups, replica servers, up to 24 hours available for immediate restore
  • Backup software backups – weekly full backups with daily differentials – up to 1-month retention
  • Local exports available up to 1-month retention < li>
  • Offsite replication secondary data center, to offsite storage or to your office – up to 3 months retention
  • Offline exports of your customer’s data (servers), and offsite hard drive rotation – we manage retention – 3 to 6 months recommended
  • Mailing of exported data on HD to your office – customer manages retention – 3 to 6 months recommended
  • SQL server full and transaction backups, on server backups, off server backups, offsite backups
  • Remote site file synching
  • Folder synching
  • Email archiving solutions
  • File/Folder data archiving solutions

Infrastructure Services

Hosting, Cloud, Managed IT Services, Outsourcing, Help Desk, Telephony, Hosting, SIP Trunks, Collaberation, WAN Consulting Services
Networking - Design, Build, Support - firewalls, routers, switches, Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
Data Center and On-Prem Support Services
Remote office network equipment (Cisco, Unifi) upgrades and monitoring

Monitoring and upgrade offsite servers - SolidNAS
Support and troubleshoot remote office video systems IDS/IPS and nextGen firewall support and monitoring
Selecting, testing, updating, configuring shipping out remote user's laptops and equipment
Monthly offsite Backups and Recovery Services. Periodic backups' integrity checks and do test restores
Managing and supporting antivirus software at server and end user level

Centralized antivirus monitoring for all Terminal servers, desktops and laptops - BitDefender
Microsoft SQL Performance Tuning, Consulting Services, Office 365 E-Mail Exchange
Business Intelegence (BI)- Data Validation,Reporting, Dash Boards, Wall Boards
Back-Up and Recovery Services including regular partial and full test restores

Maintenance – scheduled windows and software updates
Monitor your internal network infrastructure, setup alerts and respond to alerts
Document and report any issues directly with your internal equipment
Represent your company when working with the ISP, resolve issues faster 24/5 and 24/7 support options

Hardware Sales

  • End user devices - computers, printers, pads, dumb terminals, peripherals, hardware devices, AP/WiFi heads, controllers
  • Hardware upgrades of existing equipment
  • VoIP Telephony products
  • Camera and monitoring solutions

Software Sales

  • Microsoft SPLA licenses
  • Microsoft Retail sales
  • Office 365
  • Proofpoint
  • SentinelOne
  • KnowBe4

ISP Management

  • Monitor your internet lines, in case line is down, we contact the ISP directly
  • Document and report any issues directly with your ISP
  • Represent your company when working with the ISP, resolve issues faster
  • Setup redundant ISPs for redundant internet access and VPN tunnels

Additional Services

  • 1 VoIP Telephony services and SIP trunking services through us directly
  • 2 3cx Phone system deployment, configuration, monitoring and support
  • 3 Phone system edge devices - phones, conference room phones, wireless phones, door openers, overhead speakers, intercoms, etc
  • 4 3cx Integrate with ServMan
  • 5 Integrate 3cx hardware phones with online sessions
  • 6 Provide Telephony standard and custom reports as needed
  • 7 Review telephony needs, setup queues, toll free numbers, marketing strategies, digital assistants
  • 8 Review needs for Call Agent outsourcing for business hours call handling
  • 9 Custom softphone for application integration
  • 10 Custom software development
  • 11 Transaction and analytical reports and dashboards
  • 12 Create/Edit Extensions/Forwarding Rules/Ring Groups/Call Queues
  • 13 Support and Troubleshoot Voice Quality, QoS
  • 14 Setup Local Phones and Remote Phones with OpenVPN
  • 15 Port/Buy new phone numbers
  • 16 Update “Phone Tree” file
  • 17 Support and Troubleshoot Fax Issues
Web Services
  • 1 Web- Devolopment, Website Design Services and Consulting
  • 2 Web Portals- Customer, Employee, Subs, Time Logging, Time Clocking, quotes, other
  • 3 Social Media- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • 4 Web Site Reviews - design and content
  • 5 Web site recommendation, upgrades or complete rewrites
  • 6 Content Management Systems (CMS) sites
  • 7 Shopping carts
  • 8 E-Commerce sites - integrations, custom development, Corrigo
  • 9 CC processing integrations
  • 10 Custom web site development.
  • 11 Search Engine Optimization analysis of your website and plan of action/recommendations
  • 12 Web Content generation - design, image, text
  • 13 Review of competitor’s web sites, industry standards, related industries
  • 14 Search engine ranking and recommendations, SSL/HTTPS, redirects, etc.
  • 15 SSL security, Secured areas, SSL Certificates Issuing and installation
  • 16 Authentication and authorization
  • 17 Domain name sales, support and management
  • 18 DNS management and support
Software Development
  • 1 Review existing web portals and fulfil current business needs
  • 2 Deploy Employee web portals for Employee time clocking, time logging and Order details
  • 3 Deploy Customer Web Portals for online ordering, payments, tech trackers.
  • 4 Deploy Additional Portals for Subs, Quotes, etc.
  • 5 Deploy web portals for third party integrations – CRM integrations, Corrigo, etc.
  • 6 Review customer needs that can be implemented through web portals
  • 7 Optimize current processes by introducing web wizards, web portals, etc
  • 8 Enhance existing software packages with custom developed web portal add on modules
  • 9 Expand business capabilities by implementing business requirements into web portals
  • 10 Customer facing portals with custom CC payments, communications and notifications
  • 11 Community based web portals for private social sites
  • 12 Custom software development
  • 13 Custom integrations, web services, business logic modules, data analysis and visualization
Data/Software Services
  • 1 Microsoft SQL Performance Tuning, Consulting Services, Office 365 E-Mail Exchange
  • 2 Business Intelegence (BI)- Data Validation,Reporting, Dash Boards, Wall Boards
  • 3 Custom Database Design and Devolopment
  • 4 Data Migration, Data Integration, Data Lakes and Warehouses, Data Services
  • 5 ERP Solutions Support - ServMan
  • 6 Telephony integration, Hosting, SIP Trunks, Colaberation, WAN Consulting Services
  • 7 Notification Services
Reporting and Dashboarding
  • 1 Establish report server (optional with SQL replication)
  • 2 Review needs for data warehousing
  • 3 Review needs for Dashboarding
  • 4 Review needs for SQL Replication and report offloading
  • 5 Report writing, report reviewing, tuning and optimization
  • 6 Data driven subscriptions
  • 7 Report notifications, exports, deliveries
  • 1 General IT Consulting
  • 2 Business Consulting
  • 3 Cost effectiveness consulting
  • 4 Application consulting
  • 5 Security Consulting
  • 6 Infrastructure Consulting
  • 7 Alternative solutions, cost saving solutions, long term planning
  • 8 Sales quoting, Invoice reviews, quote comparisons
  • 9 Project Consulting
  • 10 Software development consulting
Security Reviews
  • 1 Companywide security reviews, users, access, remote access, accounts, folders, share and ntfs permissions, domain, dns, antivirus, anti-spam
  • 2 Setup VPN access to all remote users so they are forced to use encrypted tunnels. All RDC ports get closed and everyone is forced to dial in with secured connection before they can work remotely. Users from the office don’t need to do this as they have dedicated VPN tunnel.
  • 3 Setup Dual Factor Authentication for key employees, managers, accounting, owners, etc. This means that when they try to login to the servers, they have to authenticate through a second mean of authentication – phone call, sms, email, smart phone app (most popular) where you click Approve. Once authenticated, then they continue on with the connection.
  • 4 PCI compliance testing, TSL 1.0, 1.1 and SSL v3 removed from your servers.
  • 5 Review remote locations and remote access
  • 6 Establish shared or dedicated firewall with Intrusion detection and intrusion prevention. Establish Content Screening system, DNS blacklisting, web site monitoring and screening. Disallow access to known spammers, bots, malware, viruses, hackers.
  • 7 Setup Logging, log servers, monitor logs
  • 8 Firewall configuration reviews
  • 9 Dual Factor Authentication, monitoring, logging
  • 10 User sessions monitoring and logging
SQL Database Related
  • 1 Setup automated sql jobs for basic index operations, backups, and clean ups - general maintenance
  • 2 Establish secondary daily transaction log backups to remote secured server
  • 3 Deploy the Companion for MS SQL server or database monitoring and reporting
  • 4 Schedule SQL performance overview and tune up as necessary
  • 5 Change all access patterns to the SQL server to use windows authentication
  • 6 Upgrade to the latest SQL Client Access Client provider
  • 7 Review and discuss if your company needs SQL replication, Reporting Server, data warehouse
  • 8 SQL Server replication - setup, monitoring and support
  • 9 SQL server review - server load, access patterns, technologies used, user monitoring
  • 10 SQL performance tuning by load balancing
  • 10 SQL performance tuning by script optimization


  • Email/SMS notification of Schedule tasks, Automation tasks, integration, jobs
  • Custom developed notification upon completion/failure of business rules, tasks, jobs


  • Use MS Teams, Slack, or Skype (many others as well) for communications (paid and free)
  • Use Web Portal for Tech-Tracker to send email/SMS notifications to customers on Tech progress
  • Use email/sms for communications with customers

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